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Feature Product
    Controls for Industrial and General applications
Astronomical Timer 7-Day or 365 Days Time Switch automatically switches loads according to a preset  schedule with to-the-minute accuracy. 

Programmable Smart Timer
with input circuits for small automation, override, security operations, preventive maintenance.

  Long Range industrial Radio Control

7 Miles (11 Km) line of sight,
3000 feet (900 m) obstructed
Optional <12 Miles (20 Km)
Operation 27 MHz  industrial
 Mini PLC Controller

Packing Machines, Fillers Extruders, Pump Control, Mixers, Generators, Automation

Multiple time clocks, timers and counters, math, Logic functions, Retentive, Compare,
Screen or LED i/o status.

TWO- WAY Controller Bidirectional

2000. feet ( 600.m) in-building range
• 2 Miles (3.Km) open-air range
• 6 Miles (10.Km) open, with Yagi Antenna


Unlimited Applications:
irrigation, lighting, gates, generators, solar systems, water pumps, PLC remote I/O, monitoring, refueling, marinas, security, parking lots, traffic control, windmills, automation, farm equipment, conveyors, assembly, packing, airport lights, test devices, robots, etc.

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